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Why We’re Evolving Our Accountability Chart (and Team Promotions)

By: Erin Robinson

PR and marketing is far from a one-size-fits-all industry with a static accountability chart. Every professional brings a unique set of interests and strengths to the table, and with the right mentorship and guidance, those talents can evolve into something special. 

We’ve made a commitment at Identity to help people shape their own careers, offering the opportunity and flexibility for our team of gamelovers to chart a path that best suits their passions and talents. At our July 2021 biannual meeting, we officially shared our updated accountability chart with the team. In this new chart, we formalized our specialist model, setting a clear pathway for gamelover growth and progression through the agency, while cultivating amazing talent needed for future successes. 

Here’s how we’re putting the right people in the right seats—and on the right track.

The Account Services Path

Account service has been a staple of our agency for more than two decades. These teams collaborate with specialists to craft and execute powerful strategies and great work on behalf of clients. 

Gamelovers on Identity’s account service track are responsible for developing, implementing, tracking and optimizing great media relations, social media and marketing programs for our clients. These individuals serve as the main point of contact for clients, and manage the daily rush of requests. When they aren’t executing projects on their own, they are ensuring the rest of the team is following timelines and meeting deadlines. 

The Specialist Path

Specialists have been part of the composition of the Identity team for a number of years, historically starting their careers with an emphasis on the account service path. Now, we are evolving what has worked for us and kicking it into overdrive—with specialists truly dedicated to their craft. 

Our specialists as it stands today largely live on the digital side of our agency. Whether it’s content strategy, digital ads, multimedia or HubSpot integration, these gamelovers are focused solely on their specialties, reaching across the client portfolio to provide specific expertise when needed. 

The most exciting thing about this specialist approach is that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to these roles. As the agency continues to grow, the industry continues to evolve and new tools emerge, we anticipate creating new specialist seats regularly. 

Growth From Within

Through these newly defined paths, our aim is to develop our team’s passions and skillset to their fullest. Doing so means an enhanced ability to promote our people from within and continue an ongoing evolution of great work with tremendous talent. 

With our new accountability chart in place, we recently elevated more people in their roles than at any time in our company’s 23-year history. 

This year’s promotions include:

Account Team

Specialist Team

We’re also proud to share a promotion amongst our leadership team ranks, with Elizabeth Strzalka moving into the role of Vice President of Finance & Operations. Elizabeth’s role is incredibly unique at Identity, as the behind-the-scenes expert in all things related to our operations. She always ensures our team has their needs met, from IT support to benefits and work perks. Though she doesn’t fit in the traditional account or specialist tracks defined here, she is essential to all we do.

Congratulations to all the gamelovers who have been promoted and are bringing our newly reimagined accountability chart to life. Our career tracks will no doubt provide growth opportunities for countless Identity team members in the future.