• Women Holding Shopping Bags ICSC New York 2017

    ICSC’s December New York Deal Making Conference is a major industry event. For commercial real estate professionals, retailers, and a host of service and product providers, the conference serves as a springboard to the new year.

    This was my 25th New York Deal Making Conference in a row. Over the last quarter century, I’ve seen both the show and the industry evolve in remarkable ways.

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  • Twitter and its 280-character count

    You might not think an extra 140 characters would be too controversial, but Twitter’s recent decision to double the amount of available space in each tweet has sparked a ton of (sometimes heated) debate and discussion.

    The day that Twitter rolled out the new 280-character format, a client remarked that, “This must be like Christmas for your team!” My answer was that it’s either Christmas or Memorial Day. Because depending on your perspective, the move was either the greatest thing ever–or a time to lament and wonder what happened to the platform we’ve known and loved.

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