• As a communications and business counselor, I’m often asked by our clients, “Should I join a nonprofit board?”

    The answer is quite often a yes, but I am always quick to share with them that to do it right, it will take a lot of time…and often resources.

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  • Branded Ultra Violet

    Typical turn-of-the-year trend predictions begin trickling down after a month or so. They start to show up in mainstream applications. Technology. Fashion. Marketing. Enter Pantone—who, once again, is telling us all how to color our world. This year’s “it” color: Ultra Violet. Or to common folks, purple.

    There’s nothing wrong with purple—after all, it is the powerful signature of icons and cultural legends. Prince. Jimi Hendrix. That endless field of blooming Cosmos in The Color Purple. It is a rich hue that is readily embraced by creatives and royals. Yet in the business world, brand color palettes with purple are often a hard sell. Why is that? We’ve seen brands shy away, describing it as “soft,” “weak,” “unprofessional,” “juvenile,” and “feminine.”

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