the identity way

Our X Factor

While there may be several PR agencies that look like us or offer similar services, there is no firm quite like Identity. The reason? We know what makes relationships with our clients successful, and why our average client tenure is over five years.


Our formula for a successful client experience is based on four harmonious factors—together, they represent The Identity Way. When paired with the Modern PR Mix, we deliver a potent combination of expertise, insight and client counsel that results in great work and long-lasting partnerships.


The Work

Identity offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning communications services, including media relations, marketing, social media, paid advertising, creative design, content development and crisis management.

The People

With an average employee tenure of more than five years, and a leadership team in place for more than 10 years, we have created an environment where people can excel, thrive and grow while doing what they love.

Whether it’s fostering new media relationships, tackling complex problems, developing new strategies or straight-up rallying—we do it.



The Processes

Our ability to absorb and integrate work, while communicating effectively throughout the process, sets us apart from the competition.

We can scale our resources as necessary, ensuring the most important client moments–whether expected or unexpected–receive the right level of support.

The Outcomes

We are measured every day by clients, not just in deliverables and metrics, but in how they feel about our relationship.


How does it all come together? Check out our case studies.