strategy. speed. scale.

how we build award-winning pr programs

There is a lot of “agency speak” when it comes to strategic planning and processes. Identity’s approach to delivering great work day-in and day-out is simple, yet powerful:

BIG IDEAS: We bring unique campaign concepts and innovative ideas for important moments to the table at every opportunity.

STRATEGIC INSIGHTS: We are experts in bringing clarity to regular, ongoing communications planning and strategy, providing clients with sound direction on where to invest time, energy and resources.

UNMATCHED EXECUTION: This is what we do best, and there is no better partner to help manage day-to-day communications on behalf of your organization. We are unmatched at delivering and executing programs that truly leave a mark.


The relationship between a company and its agency, especially when newly formed, requires a strong foundation in order to be successful. And like any professional relationship, you can’t just wing-it and hope for the best.

We have a defined approach for kicking off new opportunities and engagements, molding and adjusting where necessary to make sure all the puzzle pieces fit together right from the start.

DISCOVERY AND REVIEW: Our team goes deep to understand the specific nuances that set your company apart from its peers and competitors. Our team gets immersed as quickly as possible, reviews any data that you may have collected while performing our own research, and selects the right elements of the Modern PR Mix to include in our recommended communications strategy.

PLATFORM AND CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT: We build the foundation of our communications outreach efforts, including message pillars, key program milestones, event activation and customer engagement ideas, and clearly defined internal employee and external media narratives. We know what we’re going to say, and where we’re going to say it.

CREATIVE IDEATION: We craft design concepts that show how the campaign comes to life, pairing our approved messaging with striking visuals.

CAMPAIGN ROLL-OUT: Our strategists establish action items for each channel we’ll leverage as we prepare to take our message to market. Then, it’s off to the races.

METRIC ROLL-UP: We define our measurement pulse and how channel-specific activity will roll-up to support and inform our long-term efforts.