Elizabeth Strzalka

Vice President of Finance & Operations

As Vice President of Finance & Operations, Elizabeth oversees the internal framework of Identity’s operations, driving the high-level strategic direction of finance, human resources, IT and administration. Coming to Identity from a diverse professional background, she utilizes her varied experience to approach agency operations with a fresh eye.

Elizabeth holds the mantra of ‘what got you here won’t get you there’ close to her heart, and as such, has taken the lessons learned over the years with a spirit of learning and growth. She has harnessed these lessons and her understanding of how business meets the employee experience to supercharge what Identity’s employment brand could and should look like, reimagining the entire employee lifecycle from potential candidate to new recruit to seasoned team member. Her focus on charting an elevated vision for the employee experience means meeting Identity’s team members wherever they are in life – whether they are a new college graduate, getting ready to start a family, or preparing for the golden years – and supporting them through Identity’s culture and benefit offerings.

Elizabeth’s passion for the employee experience branches much further than traditional benefit offerings. Working closely in tandem with Identity’s managing partner and the entire leadership team, Elizabeth has spearheaded expanding Identity’s DE&I initiatives in such ways as expanding awareness, providing educational sessions, and recognizing the importance of cultural holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples Day by observing them as days of rest and reflection. These steps are definitive moves in the right direction, however, Elizabeth knows that the work is never done, and is continually focused on determining the next steps to improve the agency’s employment brand and making them a reality.

As a leader, Elizabeth prides herself on being compassionate, transparent, and direct. Her deep understanding that the success of the agency is intertwined with the personal success of its team members informs every decision she makes. By focusing on the intersection of business and the employee experience, she helps to ensure the continued success of both.

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