Elizabeth Strzalka

Vice President of Finance & Operations

As someone who thrives on human interaction, rising to a challenge, and bringing order to the universe, Elizabeth Strzalka relishes her role as Vice President of Finance & Operations. Responsible for all things Finance, Human Resources, and IT, her role affords the opportunity to interact regularly with all levels of the organization, as well as the opportunity to continuously learn and hone new skills. 

Graduating from the University of Michigan with her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elizabeth originally intended to work in graphic design. However, fate offered up a new challenge in retail management, and a decade later, graphic design was long in her rear-view mirror. Looking for the chance to apply her skillset in a new setting, Elizabeth joined Identity in 2012 as the Financial Administrator, being promoted four years later to her current role.

Growing up, Elizabeth always had an eye for order. While most kids had to be told to clean their room, Elizabeth would happily spend hours figuring out the most effective way to organize her closet. When it came to high school – she was the only one balancing (and perhaps even owning!) a checkbook. Today she finds enormous satisfaction in leveraging her love of numbers and order in her daily work. 

Outside of the office, Elizabeth has a fondness for trying new food, visiting new places, and experiencing new things. Some of her favorite wanderlust experiences have been hiking a Puerto Rican rainforest, climbing an ice wall on a glacier in Iceland, tasting puffin (which she does not recommend) and viewing Rome from the very top of St Peter’s Basilica. When not traveling, she enjoys board game nights with her friends, being a cat mom to Marty and Niko, and making people laugh.

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