the modern pr mix

Integrated PR and Communications

The customer journey is no longer linear. In today’s fragmented communications environment, it often involves a variety of channels and touchpoints throughout the buying process. Identity has led the way in building a team of integrated PR, social, creative and digital experts to meet today’s communications realities and deliver programs that cut through clutter and make an impact.


The Modern PR Mix represents the lens through which we view the world of PR in today’s rapidly evolving media ecosystem. We push our clients to think bigger, and look at what’s possible when communications channels work in concert.

From our point of view, any communications effort with the goal to educate, entertain, influence or inform a key audience lives within the function of public relations. That is why today’s modernized PR strategies leverage every tool in the toolbox, and cross lines in order to leverage channels and mediums that often lived in silos.

With the Modern PR Mix, Identity utilizes proven public relations strategies to generate earned media coverage, and combines these outreach efforts with today’s best practices in marketing, social media and creative design.

When it comes to generating awareness for our clients, the Modern PR Mix is what we do best, and there is no better partner to help you maximize your message.

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