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From iconic global destinations to exciting new concepts, Identity has built and executed attraction PR campaigns that capture consumer attention and drive foot traffic.

Identity specializes in developing public relations, marketing and social media strategies on behalf of attractions and destinations. As a leading attraction PR firm, we have a clear understanding of how to build ongoing, long-term communications strategies that deliver a mix of high-impact media coverage, engagement on social media and exciting on-site consumer events.

Our team also has extensive experience in bringing established attractions to new markets. Identity has been retained by some of the world’s largest names in entertainment and hospitality to help them understand what matters to a local market and how to best tailor their national communications strategies to get consumers in the door. We have in-depth experience working from structured brand and attraction PR playbooks, as well as a unique understanding of how to build special PR moments from the ground up that are designed to dominate the local news cycle and digital conversations.

Our work doesn’t end when the doors open. We partner with attractions to develop long-term awareness plans, digital customer service programs, influencer partnerships, social media outreach strategies and exciting consumer activations. The result is potent brand awareness, raving advocates, positive ongoing chatter and record-breaking ticket sales.

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