2023 apprentices

Meet Identity’s 2023 Apprentices

By: Elizabeth Strzalka

At Identity, we are always considering ways we can improve our processes and increase opportunities for our people. Keeping a pulse on the trends and evolutions of company culture is an important part of the ways we celebrate and retain our team, and also how we recruit talent for the agency. To create a better pipeline for emerging talent, we created a new apprenticeship program and welcomed our 2023 apprentices, who are learning what it means to leave a mark.

Our apprenticeship program is an opportunity for aspiring young professionals to benefit from an unmatched immersive experience in our integrated agency setting over a longer period of time. Instead of a short-term internship, we bring our apprentices on for six months, with a direct pathway to employment based on performance. 

The 2023 apprentices are ingrained in all aspects of the agency. They are learning about all aspects of the Modern PR Mix—media relations, social media, content, paid placements, and creative—as well as project management and human resources. In just the first few weeks, these individuals have contributed to work across our portfolio and we’re excited to watch these gamelovers grow and thrive!

Learn a little more about our 2023 apprentices here: 

Elizabeth Hamilton

One word to describe this opportunity: Ambitious

One thing she hopes to learn or accomplish: One of the many things I hope to accomplish during my apprenticeship is to gain a comprehensive understanding of strategic public relations planning and execution. I aim to develop the ability to craft the most effective PR campaigns and create compelling communication pieces with press releases, social media campaigns or media outreach.

How the apprenticeship fuels her career goals: At Identity, I get an all-encompassing, hands-on experience—whether it’s networking with clients and other public relations professionals, exposure to different industries or strengthening my written and verbal communication skills. Identity’s apprenticeship program encourages me to take initiative in new opportunities. With the ability to maximize the benefits of this apprenticeship, I can pave the way to achieving my career goals in the public relations field.

B Wyne

One word to describe this opportunity: Motivated

One thing they hope to learn or accomplish: I’m excited to improve my public relations skills through Identity’s Modern PR Mix. This program will enhance my knowledge of earned media, marketing and social media.

How the apprenticeship fuels their career goals: My time at Identity will equip me with the necessary tools and experience for a thriving public relations career.

Skyler McCurry

One word to describe this opportunity: Blessed

One thing she hopes to learn or accomplish:Throughout my apprenticeship there are many things that I hope to accomplish and learn. The overall thing I am hoping to gain is communication skills, and developing skills to help with the change and unpredictability that may develop.

How the apprenticeship fuels her career goals: At Identity, the guidance they are providing me will and is currently giving me the knowledge to help me become a great HR manager.

Maddy Diegel

One word to describe this opportunity: Ecstatic

One thing she hopes to learn or accomplish: Throughout my apprenticeship, I strive to enhance my knowledge and education in the field of public relations specifically, while utilizing the Modern PR Mix and tools used throughout the profession such as Hubspot and Monday.com. I also desire to accomplish becoming more well equipped in areas such as branding and project managing.

How the apprenticeship fuels her career goals: I know Identity will provide me with the support, tools, and environment to continue to flourish into a strong professional and a reputable creative!

Emilie Appleyard

One word to describe this opportunity: Determined

One thing she hopes to learn or accomplish: During the apprenticeship program, I hope to gain a full understanding of what the Modern PR Mix entails. I am hoping to improve my copywriting and creative skills during my time in this position and I am striving to learn as much as possible from those around me at the agency.

How the apprenticeship fuels her career goals: I see this opportunity as a great stepping stone into the fast-paced PR world. The tools and resources available at Identity for apprentices are top notch and the exposure to clients is unlike any experience I have had.

Lydia Hershauer

One word to describe this opportunity: Connected

One thing she hopes to learn or accomplish:As an apprentice, I hope to further my understanding of the role creative design plays in effectively being able to communicate in the world today. This opportunity will help sharpen my design eye, give me a deeper insight into media, and further challenge me to create meaningful content for our clients.

How the apprenticeship fuels her career goals: Being able to see the process from beginning to end, from the initial idea to the final product will provide me with skills needed to thrive as a designer in the industry. My time here will help me to gain more confidence and further push me along on my creative journey.

Gabby Sanchez

One word to describe this opportunity: Grateful

One thing she hopes to learn or accomplish: I hope to continue to gain personal and professional development skills. This includes communication building, team building, and leadership skills. In addition, I hope to continue to gain knowledge in the digital marketing mix on HubSpot, Yext, and BrandWatch.

How the apprenticeship fuels her career goals: I see this opportunity helping me to achieve my career goals by being able to have first hand experience in a positive, knowledgeable, and supportive agency atmosphere. I personally love learning from others and learning about their experiences working at Identity, which has helped me pinpoint my motivation and drive in this career field. There are many areas in which I can grow and explore my interests and passions in public relations and digital marketing, making this apprenticeship not only help me build confidence in my own skills, but also making me feel valued as a team member as well.

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