Andrea Conrad and Kim Eberhardt Elevated to Vice President Roles

By: Andrea Trapani

We are approaching 2023—the year of our 25th anniversary—with incredible momentum as an agency. 

As we set our sights on an impactful year of great work, we’re building on our strong performance in 2021 and 2022. We’ve been bolstered by an evolved approach to our work environment and local and national recognition as a top place to work and a leader in crisis management. Now I’m proud to recognize Andrea Conrad and Kim Eberhardt as they step into their new vice president roles at Identity.

Andrea Conrad — Vice President, Creative Operations

Andrea, better known as Pecs, has been with the agency for more than a decade of her 17-year career, and every step of the way she has stretched to improve her skills and reach the next milestone. In recent years, Pecs stepped in to lead our creative department—a core component of our agency and differentiator at Identity since day one. Creative is integral to the Modern PR Mix, and Pecs is instrumental in bringing creative vision and projects to life. She has the right skills to partner with our clients and identify the appropriate vision to align with their goals—creative solutions to ensure deliverables connect with every important client strategic vision.

Pecs provides guidance to our incredibly talented designers through skill development, growth opportunities and operations management. Her commitment to the agency and the heart she puts into everything she touches is a lesson and inspiration for our entire team, and it shines through in everything she does. The way Pecs connects with clients and drives strong relationships has contributed to Identity’s recognized reputation of client service. Energy and connectivity are all part of why Pecs is a respected, trusted member of our leadership team and why she’s been elevated to vice president. 

Kim Eberhardt — Vice President, Emerging Talent Manager

Kim came to Identity in 2019 with nearly two decades of industry expertise through a variety of diverse in-house and agency roles. She joined our team as she was also stepping into the esteemed role of President of PRSA Detroit Chapter. Her career experience and visible industry presence contributes to what Kim is truly known for: her strategic counsel and strong relationships with the media, certainly. But also her ability to be a creative storyteller and to bring clarity to client partnerships with on-point solutions, telling their stories in compelling, meaningful ways. 

Kim has put these skills to work at Identity for a portfolio of significant and recognized clients, nationally and regionally, in a variety of verticals. She is tenacious, with a level of care and senior expertise in crisis management and national relationships that have benefitted clients and brought a degree of sophistication to our work across the agency. Not only that, but Kim has a unique ability to mentor and coach our up-and-coming talent. As our emerging talent manager, she shares expertise and insights with our incredible group of junior gamelovers. Kim guides training programs and coaching opportunities, creating experiences that are second to none for PR pros who are looking for hands-on experience with an agency like ours. Her impact on our next generation of talent and on our expanding client portfolio cannot be understated, and this vice president role is true recognition of that impact.

A Commitment to Lead

The backbone of any company—especially in a service-based industry like ours, which is built on expertise—is leadership and clarity of vision. At Identity, leadership is backed by the foundation of our core values, as well as a strong belief in stretching ourselves and meeting challenges. Pecs and Kim exemplify that. This next important step in their careers is a byproduct of their incredible performance and achievement of personal and professional goals. It’s also what we need to continue to lead.  

We are at an exciting moment—not only for Pecs and Kim who are embracing new responsibilities as part of Identity’s leadership team and their vice president roles—but for the agency as a whole. 

As we enter our 25th year, our team of more than 30 individuals has an average tenure of more than six years. Each and every person has a role in helping us achieve where we are today, pursuing bigger, bolder opportunities, along with growth moments and amazing successes. Feedback we solicit from our team confirms there is unanimous understanding and support for the bold vision and direction of our agency. 

With that feedback and total alignment from our talented team, we also continue to align ourselves with clients who are truly leaders in their respective fields. We are going deep in verticals we’ve been present in for 25 years, making new strides into spaces that continue to emerge and shape the landscape around us. 

It should be clear that our continued success is built on a shared commitment to lead the way and meet the moment, for both our team and our client portfolio. From heightened expectations and the evolution of communications to the speed and sophistication this work demands today, we believe we represent what clients are looking for in an agency partner, delivering unmatched expertise and results. 

We strive to be “one of one” as part of our commitment to lead. This vision drives our Identity 2025 goals and serves as the blueprint for how we approach each year. 2023 will be no different. With a newly expanded leadership team at the helm and a team fully focused on what’s next, we’re ready to embrace the journey and make this year one to remember.