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A Day in the Life of an Identity Intern

By: Monifah Cook

Thinking about applying for an internship at Identity, but don’t know what to expect? Have you already applied and have a big interview coming up? If the answer is “yes” to either of those questions, you probably want to know what an internship is actually like, so you can be ready to show why you’re a #gamelover! 

What is a #gamelover? The Identity definition of a gamelover is simple. It’s someone who believes in the work they do, understands their impact and loves the game. Someone who is constantly asking, “What’s next” and “Can we do it better?” This definition is an important factor to note when applying for an Identity internship; but what is it like after you get the position? 

Media or Social, Social or Media

Identity is an integrated PR agency, and the work isn’t always limited to one type of PR. And while Identity strives to give interns a well-rounded experience, interns might focus their time in one of two categories: Media relations and marketing, or social and digital. 

Media relations and marketing interns work closely with the Identity team who is pitching media and identifying story opportunities. You might be assisting with prep for broadcast TV segments, building media lists, writing media alerts, pitching a story idea to local journalists or editing a byline article.

On the other hand, social and digital interns are often tasked with writing client blogs, monitoring client social media accounts, building editorial calendars, participating in brand audits and learning about customer journeys through Hubspot. 

From a former Identity intern:
  • “Every day was different based on the projects I was assigned and I always loved trying something new. Having the option to shape your own internship experience is what makes interning with Identity fun and rewarding at the same time.” 
What It’s Like to be an Identity Intern

As the two most recent Identity interns, Jamie Bigelow and I wanted to share some of our experiences of being part of the Identity team for most of 2020:

Monifah Cook (MC): As a social and digital marketing intern, I quickly learned that no day is the same. Every week was different based on the projects I was given, but I was never opposed to trying something new. Some days I would be busy working on blog posts for various clients, joining in on client calls, researching and creating media lists and the list goes on! 

Jamie Bigelow (JB): You never really know what your week will look like, but you have a sense of what to expect. Usually, a day consists of writing assignments, preparing and sending pitches, collaborating with co-workers and research… a lot of research!

You could spend one day creating a presentation and the next sending dozens of emails to relevant journalists. Not only do the assignments change, but the clients change too! You can expect to stay busy, constantly learning and progressing your skills. Interning at Identity gives you knowledge and experience you can bring with you to any future position. 

MC: Prior to my internship with Identity, I believed digital marketing was all about posting on social media platforms. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I quickly learned it’s so much more than that. Interning at Identity gave me a closer look into what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to creating successful digital campaigns and content, seeking out impactful influencers, and navigating through the clutter!

In my first week on the team, I was tasked with research projects for one of my favorite ice cream brands ever—Hudsonville Ice Cream. In my opinion, way better than juggling coffee orders and waiting by the printer all day. 

It is true what they say, teamwork makes the dream work! The importance of teamwork at Identity doesn’t go unnoticed. There’s always someone who can help you with anything. Overall, interning at Identity exceeded my expectations. I truly believe that interning at Identity helped change me for the better and provided me with the experience needed to excel in future roles. 

JB: Having the opportunity to intern at Identity has been an unforgettable experience. I’ve participated in many other internships since my junior year in college, and I can confidently say I’ve learned more at Identity than any of the rest. That’s because Identity is invested in teaching, asks what you want to learn and doesn’t make you feel bad for not knowing something. When looking for an internship, these are such important qualities; isn’t an internship just a way to learn?

Additionally, working at Identity is a nice change of pace compared to other Michigan-centric public relations agencies. I personally am drawn to the arts and entertainment industry, but since Detroit is the automotive capital of the world, it’s not easy to find companies that aren’t auto-centric.

At Identity, there are so many different clients, you get exposure to a ton of different industries. Although Identity does have clients in the automotive space, I love being able to work with consumer brands, hospitality companies, the future of technology and more, all at the same time! Having this sense of variety keeps work interesting, challenges your mind and makes each day feel new.

What We Learned 

MC: One of the biggest lessons I learned while interning at Identity is how to work through adversity. When the pandemic happened back in March, it changed so much for everyone. However, it didn’t stop Identity from finding a way to get things done. Every Monday morning meeting, I watched the leadership team navigate a constantly changing environment, and move forward with a game plan—which inspired me to do the same.  

Besides learning how to adapt and move forward, there’s a lot more I learned from being an intern that will follow me for the rest of my career. Learning how to study and learn a brand’s voice and apply that when I’m writing blog posts or building content for social media, creating and building client audits along with doing a competitive analysis to ensure the best position for a brand, understanding more of the media relations side of things when it comes to events or new projects and so much more.

JB: I learned how to communicate with the media, adjust my writing to match a client’s expectations and organize a grand opening. I’ve written countless public relations materials and even wrote blogs to be published on client websites. It would take all day to list everything I’ve learned at Identity, but what meant the most to me was learning the ins and outs of social media.

I had never worked with social before, even after having multiple internships, and all I had to do was mention I wanted to learn more, and Identity made it happen! Adding me onto client’s social media business pages and teaching me the ropes behind editorial calendars, their mentorship has made me feel confident about the future and excited me to learn more. 

Think you’re ready to be an Identity intern? Check out the Identity Internship Program and submit your application for consideration!