a gamelover

What is a Gamelover?

By: Andrea Trapani

Identity has built a reputation over more than two decades as an agency team that delivers great work. While we’re known for securing stellar media coverage, designing creative campaigns, increasing social engagement, driving ad performance and more, there is an undeniable “X” factor that can’t be measured or put on a checklist—because it lives within our talented team. 

This work can be incredibly rewarding. It also can sometimes be tough and require a level of tenacity, grit and curiosity not possessed by everyone.

Our team’s drive and commitment to creative and compelling work is simply defined by one word: Gamelover. It’s our way of recognizing this intangible, all-encompassing ‘X’ factor of our agency. 

Defining Gamelover

Gamelover was born as part of our agency’s growth journey. While we continued to identify great talent, all with unique lives and different stories, career paths and passions (and who are so incredible in their own ways!), we began to notice similar traits when it came to their approach to work. 

Some of these traits included a willingness to embrace the ups (and inevitable downs) of a professional journey. A belief in our work and craft. An understanding and respect for our agency’s work and its impact. And, an overall curiosity to learn about the world around them.

At the end of the day, marketing and communications is a cultural experience—so a natural thirst for information is a must. And just like that, the term gamelover was born. 

For the Love of the Game

As a team, we wanted a way to enhance our employment brand through this wholly Identity way of acknowledging our shared values, beliefs and vision for our professional experience. 

In short, at Identity, we believe it’s love for the game—for all things PR—that propels us through those tough tight deadlines and drives us to deliver on challenging and tricky client requests.

It’s an internal motivation for this line of work that makes us constantly ask “what’s next?” and “can we do better?” It’s about something a bit greater. It’s a personal quest for improvement. It’s being on a winning team and knowing it’s OK to want more for yourself and for your team. 

One of our favorite descriptors of gamelover: “Gamelovers savor the sweet moments of success only this work can provide. Because it was earned. And when the victory celebration is complete, we do it all over again.” 

That is the culture of what Identity is about. We are clear it is not always the easiest path. But, being on a winning team with inspirational teammates makes it worth it. 

The Mindset that Binds Us

What connects a group of people in a company? For us in a fast moving PR environment, it is this gamelover mentality. It’s the commitment, the vision and the way we leave a mark for our clients. 

Our positive, growth-centered mindset provides the shared experience and emotionally charged connection necessary to drive our teams forward. Our team is full of top industry talent: The big thinkers, the inspired creatives and the media mavens who see opportunity where others may back down. 

It is no secret that character is often revealed in challenging circumstances. As a team, we pivoted long-planned strategies and experiential activations within a moment’s notice. We were forced to think differently about client norms and opportunities as once-available vehicles for brand awareness disappeared overnight. 

We navigated crisis moments and became stronger for it. There was no better way to see the gamelover mentality in action than the past 12 months. We were all challenged in ways we never could have imagined. We had to dig deep into our values system. Personal character shined. Professional abilities were transcendent.  The spirit of what being a gamelover is about propelled us forward.

Identity’s gamelovers are always swiftly deciding how to shape a message, or manage a killer media moment. We help our clients’ voices resonate. In the last year, this has never been more true as we live in the noisiest and most fragmented media and cultural environment most of us have ever faced. Our results have never been better. 

More Than A Concept 

As we navigated through 2020, the gamelover mentality led to our success. Our approach to relationships mattered more than ever. We partnered with our incredible clients to make some great work happen. 

Gamelover is more than a concept or hashtag. It’s a fundamental descriptor of our culture; part of our agency’s DNA. It is how we operate as a team and it is what clients experience working with us. It’s the lens through which we recruit new talent, reward and celebrate our colleagues for their great work, and retain the best in the industry here at Identity.

This philosophy informs how we provide feedback, determine how talent evolves and grows in their respective roles and how we inspire stretch opportunities that fires up individuals aligned with their personal and professional passions. 

As we look forward, we know we will forever be focused on elevating our work, mastering the next set of industry changes, emerging platforms and delivering innovative programs. At the end of the day, it all stems from our love of the game. And, that makes the game that much sweeter.