Video of the Week: Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

, Posted on Apr 06

Think about all the cool technology that exists today that people probably never expected to see in their lifetime. Now, think about how much more advanced technology will get as we progress further into the 21st century. Google is testing out a product that I absolutely see launching (and succeeding) in my lifetime – augmented reality glasses.

Imagine walking around in a city with these futuristic-looking glasses that allow you to communicate with friends, get directions, share content on social networks, share your location, take pictures, set reminders on your calendar and so much more. You may look at the design of the glasses and think “Yeah right, I’ll never wear those.” But, don’t be so quick to assume. I’d buy a pair right now…if they came in pink!

Check out the video below and this New York Times article to learn more about Google’s Project Glass.

Do you see yourself wearing these in the future?