How to Empower Company Brand Ambassadors to Share Online Content

, Posted on Dec 18

Social Media Brand Ambassador

Your mom isn’t the only one who will like and share your company’s most recent blog post. But you know who will? Let me give you a hint. You spend more time with them than your friends or family, you sometimes eat lunch together and most importantly for this post, they’re your strongest brand ambassadors.

If you think I’m talking about your co-workers, you’re correct.

Your co-workers, like you, live and breathe your brand daily, understand what’s going on in the company and are the best ones to share your company’s content with their Rolodex of online professional connections.

As employees, we work really hard on the execution of projects, but we don’t spend enough time sharing our great work.

So, how do you empower your brand ambassadors to share your message or content online? Here are some suggestions:

  • After your content is published, provide your co-workers with copy for tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates (or any other social networks relevant to your company) that are easy to copy and paste. Be sure to include a shortened link to the article or post. You can use a service like to shorten the link.
  • Create a sample email your co-workers can share with current or prospective clients/customers.
  • Make a game or contest out of it. Reward employees who consistently share content. Provide incentives, and I bet you’ll see the sharing increase.

Remember, every touch point creates an opportunity for a new client or customer.

Now, get out there and share your content!

If you have any other tips on how to empower your social media brand ambassadors, leave them in the comments.