Why You Need a Hotel Crisis Management Playbook

Why You Need a Hotel Crisis Management Playbook

By: Andrea Trapani

Throughout Identity’s twenty-year history, we have worked hard to help our clients in the hospitality industry navigate the oft-complicated worlds of campaign execution, public perception, customer service, hotel crisis management and more.

Our team possesses a robust understanding of the hospitality industry at every level of operation, and our hotel crisis management expertise runs deep. From crimes, to contagious illnesses, to social media challenges, to bizarrely unique situations, we have masterfully managed crises big and small. But after the tragic events that took place at Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas last fall, everything changed.

Suddenly, everyone from small hotel chains to international brands were prompted to take a closer look at their crisis communications plan–proactively thinking about the unthinkable and taking active steps to plan for every possible crisis scenario. Our team was routinely asked by clients to speak at management meetings and stakeholder gatherings on the importance of being training and prepared. Reuters even reached out to Identity for a comment on how the Vegas tragedy affected the industry.

Helping Hotel Managers, Owners and Operators Navigate Crisis Situations

To provide a stronger sense of clarity for the industry, we put together a free e-book titled, No Rooms for Error: A Hotel Crisis Management Playbook.

The guide gives hospitality managers, owners and operators a detailed look at what constitutes a crisis, who needs to be at the table when a crisis happens, common mistakes made during a crisis, and key tips, strategies and processes required to prepare for and handle a crisis.

In an industry defined by guest experience and perception–both online and off–hospitality organizations can no longer afford not to have a crisis plan in place, lest they experience a drastic change to their bottom line.

Click below to download our free hospitality crisis management e-book and begin developing the framework needed to protect your brand when disaster strikes.

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