Why Changing Times Call for Redefined Values

By: Riley Langan

With last year’s unpredictable events, every aspect of normal life was flipped upside down. Organizations were hit with the challenge of restructuring and redefining their fundamental beliefs to better align with society’s current state. The ones who thrived during this transitional time had one thing in common—strongly defined values.

Values reflect who your organization is and what it aspires to become. Whether your staff is distributed, in-office, multi-national or a combination of things, the common goals and principles derived from values are key to informing company culture and the overall working environment.

In our latest ebook, we talk about the process of defining company values and how they reflect the fundamental DNA of an organization. To clearly define your values and make your company bulletproof, you’ll want to consider the following:

Think About Your Current Values

If you haven’t thought about your values lately, now is the perfect time to revisit and revise to better reflect the ways we do business since the pandemic began. Although there is no universal formula for creating a list of core values, there are several guiding factors within the process. Consider living your core values, defining how they affect your organization and using them to drive internal and external communication efforts.

Involve All Stakeholders

Creating company values should be guided by leadership and counsel while involving stakeholders at all levels. It is important to gauge feedback from your customers as well, so what they’re looking for aligns with your values. If your values do not reflect operations across all levels of the organization, it will lead to lasting consequences.

Specificity is Key

The best company values are so clearly defined that theoretically all decision making across departments can be done through the lens of those values. Company values also affect the employees you hire and retain, the investors you select, the partners you work with and the message you send out into the world.

Tap into Your Mission

The mission that guided your organization’s business plan can also be sourced to inspire meaningful values to define its culture. At the end of the day, you define your values and the lens through which they are communicated.

The way we think about values has changed and will continue to do so down the road. If you feel like you’re lagging behind, setting yourself up for success today is crucial to the future of your company.
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