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Unveiling a New and Improved Identity Website

By: Mark Winter

A company’s website is often its most powerful marketing tool. It serves as an information and engagement portal where existing clients and partners, prospects and potential employees can go to get a virtual snapshot of your capabilities, differentiators, culture and connectivity.

A decade ago, a professional services firm could (and did) experience great results by simply treating its website like a digital brochure. The message and look could remain untouched for years.

That’s not the case in today’s content-focused and search-driven world. The best websites have become an extension of both people and places and deliver a constant flow of dynamic and engaging information, insight and thought leadership.

Time For a Change

Last year, Identity went through a visualization exercise and created a strategic vision board with big and bold images that represented both who we were at that moment and who we aspire to be. The right visuals can evoke powerful emotions and tell a much more impactful story than simply placing words on a sheet of paper. As a follow-up to that exercise, we audited our website, collateral materials and overall brand messaging against the vision board. As expected, we had some work to do. As we would counsel our clients, our evolution started with the redesign and redevelopment of the Identity website.

The Opportunity

Understanding the great opportunity we had to take our vision from one dimension to experiential application, we issued a challenge to the company: “We want to take our brand to the next level and need all of you to play a part in making this happen.” This wasn’t a “rebranding,” as much as an evolution in how we positioned our services, people, expertise and results. The What, How and Why that drive our agency were not changing. We were just fully leveraging the impactful images, stories and successes that clearly support why companies should, and do, partner with us to change the course of their history.

The Same Great Message With a Bold New Look

Our new website is the culmination of months of preparation, collaboration and strategy. Each of our specialist teams played a role in influencing the design, drafting copy and writing detailed case studies that speak to our ability to deliver great work. We’re also appreciative of the dozens of clients who provided enthusiastic endorsements of our agency through powerful testimonials.

It’s not often that we get to brag about our own work, but this website is everything we envisioned and more.

I hope you enjoy browsing it as much as we enjoyed building it.