Identity On: Soundtracks

By: Alex Macksoud

For many of us, music plays a key role in our lives. From work to working out, we listen to songs and playlists that mold depending on our mood or environment and shape who we are as individuals.

As a way to get to know Identity better, we are highlighting the stories of our various team members, all centered around a common theme.

This month’s theme: soundtracks.

February 2020 | Identity On: Soundtracks

Erin Robinson

Identity Partner

Soundtrack: That Feeling by We the Kings

My taste in music has always been eclectic. Reggae, jam bands, rap, classic rock…even country. But emo? Never. And then I met my (now) husband. From his crazy hair and his record obsession to his somewhat dreary collection of tattoos, Casey is emo through and through.

I have gone to dozens of emo concerts (Taking Back Sunday, State Champs, The Wonder Years, Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory to name a few for you emo fans). I’ve even crowd surfed. Against my better judgment, I actually started liking some of these bands! The music is just plain catchy. We the Kings even made the cut at our wedding—That Feeling was the song that played as we walked out of our ceremony.

Moral of this story: never say never.


Alec Hamilton

Identity Senior Assistant Account Executive

Soundtrack: Interstellar by Hans Zimmer

I distinctly remember Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar score, Cornfield Chase, and it was one of the only times where I remember being compelled to learn more about a film’s soundtrack. I wanted to know how and why Hans built such a memorable and utterly grand score for this film.

I learned that the director, Christopher Nolan, wrote Zimmer a short story that loosely pertained to the movie’s plot, but gave no inkling of the real direction—an awesome exercise in creative processing if you ask me.

Each breath the instrument took, the audience could take with it, the sound stifling listeners with goosebumps on each exhale. In short, I loved the symbolism that this score possessed. It was monumental.


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