We’re Starting 2022 in a New Work Environment

By: Andrea Trapani

We’re ready to turn the page on a fresh start. 

Bold decisions have been part of our DNA throughout our 23-year history. There have been countless learning moments, incredible wins, and of course, world-changing shifts. We’ve embraced the journey of them all wholeheartedly. 

2021 has been our best year yet, and we’re not slowing down. Major campaigns and creative storytelling moments are ahead for our team and our clients. Our client portfolio continues to expand with new and exciting verticals. Combined with the growth on our team, we’re proud to be one of the leading PR and marketing agencies in the Midwest.

Today, we are proud to share that we’re moving our headquarters to Birmingham, Michigan. One of the most walkable, energetic cities in Metro Detroit, we know the vibe of the city is the right fit for our new work environment built for the future. 

Collaborative and Compelling

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned in the past two years is how we work and deliver results. It’s possible to deliver great work and be inspired from anywhere. Collaboration and client connection is more important than ever, and really at the heart of what we do. 

We’ve heard as much from our people. We’ve listened and learned. Through survey results and one-to-one conversations our leadership team heard from our most important asset—our talented team—and we reconsidered what type of work environment truly helps us thrive. One that inspires us. One that focuses on meaningful collaboration. An environment built for the needs of our incredible team and for the future—not a time gone by. 

There’s a global shift in workplace culture, and for us, that means rethinking what we use our office space for. We need something fully reflective of Identity today, looking ahead to milestone goals we already have in place for Identity 2025 and beyond. 

A collaborative space, where thinking big is realized and executed in compelling ways. 

An open concept, where we can interact and connect but also engage and entertain. 

A place to inspire and foster our unique culture and the special markers of the Identity Way. 

A space for training and group coaching as our team is focused on constantly leveling up our skill and expertise. As an agency with team members who have been with us for almost 20 years with an average employee tenure of more than 5 years, a place that speaks to our organic and modern culture is key. 

A physical location with more opportunity to be part of a bustling and energetic community, with better options for extending our time together with each other and our clients beyond an office setting to a great happy hour or new dinner destination.

A place representative of who we are today with our digital prowess that allows us to work with clients in our own backyard and around the globe. A place where we can combine our needs for client connection and splashy and memorable cultural moments. 

This new work environment gives us the bold, fresh start we need to continue reaching for our fullest potential, to continue to lead and innovate as an agency. And, we’re excited to share it all with you. 

Where We Leave a Mark

Identity has undergone several evolutions since our founding in 1998.

We’ve embraced change and have been effective at navigating change. We’ve evolved our service offerings, always ensuring we’re on the cutting edge of modern communications and up-and-coming marketing strategies and tactics. We’re always refining our processes and approach to value and delivery to best service our client partners. We’re not afraid to take a chance or try something new, as creativity is essential to who we are. 

As we leave our office in suburban Bingham Farms for our new collaboratively focused work environment in the much different vibe, city center of Birmingham, we reflect on how special this physical space has been to our growth and becoming the recognized, award winning PR agency we’re proud to be known as today. 

We know Identity as a whole isn’t defined by any one place or a space. It’s defined by what we do and who we are, and our incredible team of gamelovers who represent more than an office ever could. We are in a people-based industry and our people are our agency. 

We are grateful to where we’ve been during the past 23 years. Our new Birmingham space will be a hub for our team to think, learn, evolve and unite for even more great work and milestones yet to be uncovered. We can’t wait for you to visit us. 

Here’s to the next bold chapter of our story. Here’s to being inspired and always looking to the future.

As of Dec. 1, Identity’s mailing address will be 1221 Bowers Street, PO Box #1748, Birmingham, MI 48012. Our new physical location will be at 300 Park, Birmingham, MI 48009.