Case Study: Verizon Wireless Midwest Area Blog

, Posted on Feb 19

verizon wireless midwest area blog

At Identity, we believe great marketing has the power to change the course of history. Great work is not just an expectation. It’s our business model. We live it and breathe it daily. You can check out some of our great work and case studies on our website. This post is part of a continuing series in which we provide additional commentary from the case studies featured on our site.

Challenge: To support Verizon Wireless Midwest Area’s (MWA) growing need for its own online publishing platform, Identity designed and launched a region-based blog on Tumblr in 2011. When the interest in creating more original content grew, we proposed moving the blog from Tumblr to WordPress to better align with an editorial and storytelling strategy. At the time, we initiated a very basic design to test the viability of the idea. A few years (and more than 1,000 blog posts) later, the Verizon MWA team had seen the success they were looking for and decided they wanted to create a more robust design and interface to maximize the impact of the original content they were publishing on a daily basis.

Solution: Looking to create a custom redesign that stayed consistent with Verizon’s brand, Identity conceptualized ways to improve aesthetics and user experience for the blog. Using Verizon’s products and services as inspiration, we developed a very graphic look that featured icons and buttons to create a design that was bold and accessible with a technical feel. We created unique treatments for each state’s landing page (a total of 15 states), highlighting famous landmarks in both the header images and the default feature images used within the individual posts.

Outcome: We received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Verizon MWA PR director when we first unveiled the design to her, and we made minimal adjustments to achieve the final approved design. The new design is more visually appealing, better structured to serve as an online publishing platform, aligned with Verizon’s brand as a whole, and has generated increased visits. Visit the Verizon Wireless Midwest Area blog to check it out yourself.

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