What Should Law Firms Look For in A Modern PR Partner?

By: Mark Winter

How does your law firm use its PR agency? 

This question doesn’t get asked nearly as often as it should, because many firms simply hire a PR firm to check off their marketing box, rather than recognize the skills and capabilities they need to be successful. 

As Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s best PR agency for lawyers—a distinction we’ve held for the past three years—Identity knows that law firms need a PR partner to do more than send out press releases every so often. 

There are a variety of functions a law firm needs from its PR partner in order to have optimal means of communication, strategize effectively for the year ahead, stay in front of audiences that matter and secure a leading reputation. 

Think of it like a law firm marketing & PR pyramid:

Rethink + Retool Technology

At the base of the pyramid, a good modern PR partner will come in to help law firms rethink and retool their existing technology and systems to show the value of communications. Media opportunities, thought leadership moments and direct-to-client outreach can pack quite a punch. But the right marketing technology can amplify media successes and provide law firms with more holistic insights regarding who is engaging with firm communications, what they’re reading and when is the right time to reach out. 

Without a sound marketing infrastructure in place, like a marketing CRM platform, an agency will struggle to deliver the more visible successes attorneys and their leadership teams are typically looking for, making this a vital foundation of what it means to communicate. As a HubSpot partner agency for professional services organizations and law firms, we’ve seen how the right technology solutions transform how attorneys market their practice groups and develop new business. 

Strategy Planning + Execution

Once your firm has the marketing technology stack it needs to succeed, your PR agency should know how to take control of your firm’s day-to-day flow of information. Blog posts, e-blasts, social media channels and more—you have messages that need to get out frequently. This requires a clear vision, a solid strategy and plenty of bandwidth to support execution.

Attorneys are constantly responding to trends and rulings in the courts and, as thought leaders, have perspectives that people want to know. A good modern PR partner acts as an engine to help firms share their position on topics, and why it matters to their clients.  

Maximizing Visibility

Your firm’s reputation lies at the top of the marketing & PR pyramid. Mass visibility of big wins, media moments, commentary, perspective, awards and philanthropic efforts helps cut through the clutter and adds credibility to a specific attorney or firm at large. Through excellent relationships with local, trade and national press, your modern PR partner should be able to maximize every visible thing the firm does. 

As an award-winning modern PR agency for law firms, Identity has been mastering the tenants of this marketing & PR pyramid for law clients for more than two decades. If you’re looking for a fresh start with a new partner, give us a call and discover the successes we’re capable of delivering.