• social media movies

    Social Media’s Role in Marketing Movies Today

    , Posted on Apr 08

    Long before Twitter and Facebook and Instagram there existed a simpler time, one with Bye Bye Birdie and Face/Off and Basic Instinct. A time where movies jockeyed for position in the forefront of moviegoers minds with only Roger Ebert’s opinion and a well-cut trailer at their disposal. This is a time, we refer to as: The Pre-Social Media Era (one day Spielberg will make a movie about a park set in this time period too).

    Today, movies, and those involved in their production, utilize social media to astounding success. Promoting million-dollar movies to millions of followers with a click of a button. Let’s take a behind the scenes look at how these two mediums come together to form a dynamic duo.

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  • Company Culture

    Puppies and PR: Paws for a Cultural Cause

    , Posted on Mar 31

    Throughout our more than 20 years in business, Identity has counseled countless companies on ways to establish and enhance company culture. After developing these effective programs for others, we wanted to refresh and recharge our own approach to foster internal relationships.

    We’ve been fortunate that culture has always organically unfolded in our office. From sharing stories over lunch in the kitchen every day to office pranks, happy hours after work, bowling outings and brunch on weekends, our team just clicks with one another. However, we saw the opportunity to take our culture thoughtfully to the next level.

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