• Identity recruits and retains talent that loves the PR game

    In 2016, during our agency’s January biannual meeting, Identity President Mark Winter and I laid out Identity 2020—a forward-looking vision that details where the agency will be a from growth, service and vision standpoints by the end of 2020.

    Several years later, we continue to accomplish those Identity 2020 goals—most recently updating the agency on our progress during our July biannual meeting at Founder’s Brewing Company in Detroit. Twice per year, our company gets together away from the office for our state of the company event offering our team an opportunity to connect, regroup and focus in on our agency and individual goals.

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  • When it comes to navigating and managing hospitality crisis situations, hotel owners and operators must know what to look for in order to develop an effective response plan.

    The first step, for any hotel owner or operator, is to know how to identify a crisis, ideally before a ripple of initial media coverage swells into a wave of negative publicity. Because the “gestation period” between the initial reporting of a negative event and the moment when an event or revelation evolves into a full-blown public scandal is shorter than ever, identifying a potential issue as quickly as possible is critically important.

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