Identity On: Inspiration

By: Alex Macksoud

At Identity, people are our most important asset. Working together, our collective expertise and masterful execution help dozens of clients, both big and small, achieve lofty goals and stand apart from their competition.

Individually, the Identity team is wholly unordinary. Each of us carries our own personality, follows a distinct personal trajectory and lives an entirely unique story—stories that make up who we are.

As a way to get to know Identity better, we are highlighting the stories of our various team members, all centered around a common theme, in a monthly series we call: Identity On.

January 2020 | Identity On: Inspiration

Rachel Bonello

Identity Senior Account Executive

I always pictured myself dancing in college, but I was cut in the final round of auditions. It was a hard feeling I wasn’t good enough during an important period in my life. I felt a piece of my identity was taken from me when it mattered most.

This inspired me to establish a new team on campus: a place where competitive dancers could compete, while staying focused on education. Today, the team continues to accept women of all shapes, styles and talent while competing nationally.

I refused to accept “no” as an answer; a lesson that will stick with me forever. Life doesn’t always work out the way you plan, but it can work out better than you ever imagined!

Lindsay Wyskowski 

Identity Account Manager

The Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games were lifechanging for me, though I was limited to watching on TV and reading stories in the newspaper – I still have the clips! Those 16 days inspired big dreams for years to come; aspirations of competing turned into the belief I’d be telling stories in primetime someday, like Bob Costas.

My career path led me to a front row seat at multiple Olympic and Paralympic Games, where I met the world’s best athletes who inspired me more than I could have imagined, from setbacks to comebacks and lifelong goals realized. Their pursuit of glory is a constant reminder for me to stay focused and keep chasing my own dreams, whatever they may be.


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The topic for February 2020 is: Soundtracks.