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Social Media Authenticity: How to Win Hearts and Minds

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This week, I had the great opportunity to sit down with the CEO of a well-known Michigan brand for a brief chat about social media, media relations and marketing. During the course of our conversation about social media and how it could move his company forward, he shared a thought regarding social media authenticity that stuck with me:

Why Your Owned Content Deserves a Boost

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Social media can be compared to bait on a fishing lure, thrown out into a sea of millions of potential and existing customers and advocates. Engaging content reels people in to get them interacting with your brand and sharing their connection with it online–often highlighting your prized catches. But, you might have trouble hooking the… Read more »

Six Best Practices to Grow An Active (Not Passive) Facebook Community

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Not all Facebook fans are created equal. It’s not how many Facebook fans you have – it’s about how many engaged Facebook advocates you have. A recent Wildfire case study, “How Superbrands Breed Superfans: 6 Best Practices for 10x Greater Growth,” examined 10,000 Facebook campaigns in the last nine months to uncover what the most… Read more »

Why It's Not Too Late to Start Using Social Media For Business

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Question – Are you using social media for business purposes? If not, is part of the reason why you’re not because you think the opportunity ship has sailed? If you answered yes (don’t kid yourself, a maybe is a yes!), my intention for writing this post is to encourage you that you’re not too late and now is as good of a time as ever to get active on the social Web.

Yes, Facebook is primed to hit 1 billion users this year, and yes newer networks like Google+ and Pinterest are gaining momentum every day with new users. Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you, but take a look at these social media statistics for 2012 to get a good idea of just how much opportunity exists for your company online.

The New Facebook Platform: Can Facebook Replace TV?

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Lay-Z-Boy philosophers and zealous futurists have been declaring the monumental fall of cable TV and, from the ashes, the meteoric ascendance of Web video. If you are one of those people, your heart is about to be broken.

Cable television isn’t going anywhere for awhile.

There is simply too much money being made between networks, content creators and subscribers. The problem is that subscribers are beginning to dwindle in numbers, likely due to general dissatisfaction with cable prices, options and packages that charge for hundreds of unwanted channels that very few customers actually want.

How To Positively Influence Social Media Influencers

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ATTN Social Media, Marketing or PR professionals:

How often has “contact local social media influencers” been part of your communications plan? If you’re anything like my firm, probably quite a bit. Now, I admit, “influencer” is a very vague term, and the fact is, it’s got a very vague definition that varies from person to person.

In most cases, one’s influence or reach is measured in a person’s number of Twitter followers or Facebook likes. For a more complex reading, some trust complex algorithms put together by companies like Klout or PeerIndex to measure influence on a number of factors, including true reach, amplification probability, activity or network influence.