Identity Receives 3 Honorable Mentions in PR Daily 2013 Digital PR Awards

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Hope you don’t mind, but we’re taking a break from our typical PR/marketing/social media/creative content to share recent recognition we’ve received that we’re very proud of. We may be in the business of helping companies share important messages and spread news to various audiences, but every so often, we like to highlight accomplishments from our agency, too!

Email Marketing Design & Development Tips That Lead to Success

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Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of getting your company’s message in front of a wide range of people. One major advantage to this method is that e-blasts tend to live longer than social media content, often because e-blasts are more thorough, frequently revisited and forwarded. You’re also able to cover a lot more info and utilize a more dynamic, customized presentation.

These advantages come with a bit of a catch. Email marketing can be finicky. Since email programs don’t update technology as often or as extensively as Web browsers, developing an e-blast that works can prove to be a little tougher than what you may have learned in an HTML crash course. There are a few rules of thumb on both the development and design side of e-blast creation that are important to incorporate when developing any type of e-marketing program.

Strategic Public Relations For Commercial Real Estate Firms

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A strategic marketing and public relations plan can make a significant impact on your commercial real estate firm. By engaging in a strategy focused on brand awareness and reputation, any real estate organization and its leadership team can become a trusted and relevant media source. A well-defined and successfully executed strategy can also bring additional business opportunities, including new leads.

Public Relations Advice For New Professionals

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As a public relations professional, now a partner after having started as an account assistant at Identity nine years ago, I’ve learned invaluable lessons, heard great public relations advice and lived the ups and downs of building a career in this challenging field. I started thinking more about this topic after a great event we… Read more »

Important Questions to Ask Before Starting a Creative Project

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It’s easy to get frustrated when you spend time, money and other resources on a creative project that ends up not turning out how you envisioned. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way—if you have a plan. Before starting a creative project, think about each step and ask yourself the following questions in order to keep each and every project on target for success:
Know the board (guidelines/specs): Gather any mandatory information that must be included, and have a list of deliverables. Which medium or format will the project be in? Are there any limitations, restrictions or disclaimers? What is the timeline and budget?

Seven Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

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If I had to choose the most important social media theme for 2013, it would be content. Yes, major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn have all rolled out big updates and changes this year, but great content is the key to success on these and every other social platform. The focus on stellar content has become increasingly important. Create amazing content, and people will love your company and buy your products/services. It seems so obvious, right? So much easier said than done. Amazing content doesn’t just happen. It requires research, planning, strategy, execution and maximization (with more sprinkled in between). Sadly, many content creators think what they are sharing online is more than worthy of our time to read it…but it’s the opposite.