• Man with cell phone and woman sitting in a cafe.

    As you may have heard, Google updated its algorithm this week to better adapt to users accessing the Internet via mobile devices. It’s no secret mobile devices are becoming the most popular way to access the Internet. With users doing quick searches, shopping, emailing and perusing social media channels (just to name a few) on phones and tablets, websites need to operate on mobile devices just as well as they do on desktops.

    Now, Google has made it easier to find mobile-friendly Web pages by introducing App Indexing to surface useful content from apps.

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  • positivity-in-the-workplace

    It’s no secret the working world can be a challenge. We all have good days and we all have bad days, but positivity is one of the keys to unlocking your happiness at work.

    Speaking from experience, our moods can change in an instant. My co-worker looked at me the wrong way, my client called and needed something 10 minutes ago and my boss has changed his mind on what he wanted 15 times. I’ve learned recently that we can’t change situations or others. However, we can change how we choose to react.

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