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    Keeping up with Real-Time Social Media Engagement

    , Posted on Mar 15

    It seems like there’s always something going on that everyone is talking about. Especially on social media, trends can appear out of almost nowhere every day. If you're a marketing director, community manager or anyone with the task of monitoring and growing a brand's digital presence, keeping up with these conversations is incredibly important, but it can seem daunting, if not impossible.

    Many of these trends, especially major media events such as playoffs, award shows and even television season finales can draw massive followings. To a keen marketer, this means a broad audience looking for ways to engage. In the past (by which I mean within the past half-decade, because social media changes that fast!), large companies built dedicated rooms called Command Centers with advanced software and multimedia displays for tracking conversations around their brand.

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  • keeping the end in mind

    We’re barely three months into 2016, but wise companies with strong strategic plans for growth and aggressive goals for this year are already thinking about Q4. Now is a great time to start planning for how you’ll recap this year’s successes. Consider taking action on these helpful tips early in the year; your year-end or annual report will thank you later.

    Keep numbers. While most year-end reports are full of financial updates, many fail to capitalize on the power of stats. Some of the most powerful statements that a company can make about its annual progress, can be expressed in numbers. Whether website analytics, volume of hours spent or number of families assisted, quantifiable statistics are impressive. But in order to have those numbers on hand for year-end, you need to start tracking them now. Count everything. It’s better to have more numbers than you need, than to have few to none available for use.

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