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    When I sit down at the table with a B2B company to discuss social media, the majority of conversations start with LinkedIn. It’s the one network where a B2B company’s employees are likely to be regularly active, as well as an area of potential risk exposure. There is still a lot of curiosity regarding LinkedIn, and the overwhelming majority of companies I speak to want to maximize their participation on the network.

    However, the other trend I’m seeing is an increase in the number of B2B organizations experiencing what appears to be “LinkedIn fatigue.”

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  • LC Foundry Park

    As someone that has been driving and supporting public relations and marketing programs for developers, property managers, retailers, brokers and consultants for more than 25 years, ICSC’s Spring RECon convention in Las Vegas has become an annual ritual.

    I haven’t missed a single May conference in nearly 20 years. Like all longtime attendees, I’ve seen the good, the great and the ugly and I’ve come to see RECon as an important window into an evolving industry.

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