Strategic Public Relations for Hotel Management Companies: Why it’s Critically Important

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When consumers book a stay at a Hilton or Marriott or Holiday Inn, they typically don’t know (or necessarily care) who is behind the scenes running the show and making sure their needs and expectations are met. For that reason, many industry executives don’t fully appreciate the value of strategic public relations for hotel management companies and what it can do for their business. But the truth is, a smart media and marketing plan can greatly increase awareness and ultimately expose hotel management companies to other key audiences including hotel owners, operators, developers and investors.

How to Find Bloggers For Brand Partnerships

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Bloggers are a powerful group of people. Their readers can be fiercely loyal, genuinely care for the writer’s opinion and experiences and usually keep coming back for more.

Adding a blogger outreach component to your social media or marketing plan is similar to a media relations, but you’re pitching “regular” people, people who found a knack for writing about their passion and building a community around it. Finding the right bloggers interested in your service or product can result in a review, giveaway, general awareness about your offerings and who knows – hopefully even new customers! Original blog posts are great content to link to and add another layer of credibility when offering honest feedback.

Responsive Web Design: What It Is & Why You Need It

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Have you ever pulled up a website on your phone or tablet and it looked different (not in a good way) than you’re used to seeing it on a desktop? You’re easily frustrated by all the pinching, zooming and panning you have to do so you can read it…right? If so, chances are, the site doesn’t have a responsive Web design.

Spin Sucks Book Review: Worth the Read

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The public relations industry has changed dramatically during the past five or so years. Unfortunately, not all professionals have caught on, or up, to those changes.

I’ve encountered these scenarios too many times to count: More seasoned professionals refuse to budge out of their “this is how we’ve always done it and it works” mentality. Middle of the road professionals understand how PR has changed, but can’t quite figure out how to bring the old together with the new. And, new and soon-to-be new professionals think they’ve got it all figured out, but they don’t. Not even close. I’m talking to you, dear student, who put “social media expert” on the cover letter you sent me.

What Businesses Can Learn From the New York Life Social Media Strategy

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You don’t have to be a big, “sexy” consumer brand to see successful results on social media. Companies in the professional service industry are embracing social media as part of their integrated marketing and communications strategy and driving successful results, too.

Need proof? Just look at life insurance brand, New York Life. The 169-year-old company has received accolades from digital media publications like Digiday and Social Media Today for its genuine approach to social media.