Social Media Authenticity: How to Win Hearts and Minds

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This week, I had the great opportunity to sit down with the CEO of a well-known Michigan brand for a brief chat about social media, media relations and marketing. During the course of our conversation about social media and how it could move his company forward, he shared a thought regarding social media authenticity that stuck with me:

How to Leverage University Professors as Expert Media Sources

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By its nature, a university is a hub of knowledge: High-level thinkers and academics make up the largest portion of employees. Professors bring a foundation of knowledge and practical expertise in a myriad of topics, from business ethics and bee-keeping to 17th century French fashion and astrophysics.

And they are not just dusty academics – they are artists, scientists, historians, inventors, musicians and writers – in short, experts in nearly everything under the sun. In my experience as a media coordinator for a university, leveraging university professors as expert media sources is critical to building awareness and distinguishing your academic programs.

An Evening With Social Media, The Big 3 and SMCD

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Last week, the Social Media Club Detroit (SMCD) crew gathered atop Detroit at Coach Insignia for a high-level look at the evolution of automotive social media through the eyes of the Big 3 – General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler.

After catching up with old friends and making new ones, the powerhouse panel took their seats to be guided by Identity’s very own Nikki Little as the panel moderator. Stimulating conversation and intriguing insight for the evening was provided by:

Case Study: Green Oak Village Place Black Friday Survival Kits

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At Identity, we believe great marketing has the power to change the course of history. Great work is not just an expectation. It’s our business model. We live it and breathe it daily. You can check out some of our great work and case studies on our website. This post is part of a continuing series in which we provide additional commentary from the case studies featured on our site.

Black Friday continues to be the biggest shopping day of the year and serve as the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season. With virtually every retailer looking to garner the attention of shoppers, separating companies from the rest of the pack has become increasingly difficult for retailers—making it that much more important to find unique ways to engage shoppers. We did just that with Brighton, MI based Green Oak Village Place (GOVP).

Brand Consistency on Social Media: Your Company’s Next Step

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In the rush to not be left behind by the new digital wave, companies flocked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks to set up their accounts and “be there” for customers. While this was a great demonstration of the power of social media, and widespread adoption helps in developing stronger relationships, it did lead to several problems.

Amidst issues with unclear ownership of these new accounts and a lack of process for handling customer service matters, one additional concern still infers today: a lack of brand consistency on social media.

Social Media at Trade Shows: Tips For When You’re Not On Site

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Late last year, we discussed tips on how to select the right trade shows for your company. It’s no secret that participating in these events can help create new contacts, strengthen existing relationships and aid in generating new levels of awareness for your products and services. We’ve also helped our clients maximize the value of participating in industry events by implementing programs specifically designed to leverage social media at trade shows.

However, the stars do not always align to the point where we can have a team member onsite at an event. Once the booth space is selected and the travel arrangements are made, budgets don’t always account for sending social media specialists. So, how do you make the most out of your efforts on social media if you do not have a social media team member on site?