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How to Get Your Crisis Communications in Order

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The number of high-profile company crises hitting headlines lately is a good reminder of how crucial it is to be prepared. While it’s understood that leaders and companies can and will make mistakes, it’s how they respond to those mistakes that demonstrates how much they truly care about the messages they are sending to their… Read more »

How PR Pros Can Get Their News Heard in 2013

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Between the election, Black Friday, the holidays and fiscal cliff negotiations, it has been a hectic time of year for public relations professionals and journalists alike. With so many big stories fighting for space, it can be a slippery slope to make sure that local and business news makes the cut. As we plan for… Read more »

Tips to Identify & Secure the Right PR Coverage at the Right Time

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For many clients, landing a spot on the front page of The New York Times or a segment on the “Today” show is the end-all be-all of public relations. But the truth is, the “ideal” placement—the one that will earn the customer the greatest amount of exposure, credibility and impact on business—varies dramatically depending on… Read more »

5 Tips For Successful Media Follow Up Calls

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In the public relations world, follow-up phone calls are a necessary evil. We understand media are inundated with press releases and emails from PR pros on a daily basis, which creates a necessity to follow up to ensure they received the information we sent. Trust me, we don’t want to sit down and make phone… Read more »

Most Annoying Press Release Words & Phrases

Posted by in Media Relations. recently asked Facebook readers to share their least favorite words, and it got me thinking. It was fun to see what people randomly noted as words that “basically” annoy them (yes, basically is on the list). While my least favorite word was not among them (I hate when people say “amongst”), there were several on… Read more »

5 Ways to Get Media Attention at Events & Conferences

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This post also appeared on In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to gaining media attention and building relationships with key journalists. It can be even harder when you’re up against hundreds of exhibitors at a trade show, event, or conference. We all know the old-fashioned,… Read more »