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Make Your Marketing Copy Sing Like Jazz

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Dizzy Gillespie famously said of his work in jazz music, “It’s taken me all my life to learn what notes not to play.” Such is the art of jazz improv, and such is the art in writing copy for marketing materials.

Can Hamster Ads Really Help Sell Kia Souls?

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Every now and then, a commercial comes along that will cause you to scratch your head and say, “What does that have to do with the product they’re selling?” While these commercials will often stick in your head, they do so for the wrong reasons. And, they can sometimes have the opposite effect on the consumer the company is targeting.

Steve Jobs, Apple and the Brand

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Among this talent is the creative team—a team that captured the brand’s essence and Jobs’s vision with perfect pitch and to maximum effect. Aside from the genre-defining and category-killing technology, which changed the way we listen to music, think about phones, and reconsider personal “computing,” we fell in love with the Apple brand.

Tips on How to Create Effective Signage

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Lately, as I drive to work each morning, I’ve been noticing a lot of signage – a lot of poor signage. Those small yard signs that you see at the intersections usually advertising a fair, church function or some sort of liquidation sale are so crammed full of information that you can’t even read it when you’re at the stop light 10 feet away. So, it got me thinking that perhaps some tips on effective sign and display design would be a good topic for my next blog post…

Signage is a very affordable means of advertising. There is a lot more to designing both indoor and outdoor signage than sometimes meets the eye. Most people don’t realize that there are many questions and factors that should be taken into consideration before and during the design process.

Should Brands Bank on Big Events Like September 11th?

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September 11th: Messages this year surrounding the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks flooded communications online, in print and on air, as to be expected. But with my observation of topics trending this weekend, I saw something more prevalent than ever before — an increasingly heated debate over the use of major events, such as the Twin Towers tragedy, to promote brands.

As public relations professionals, we are responsible for managing what our clients are saying about their brands and who is hearing what they say. Strategies for building buzz span across the PR pro spectrum, but how far can companies push the piggybacking off of a current event or hot topic?