How to Refine Your Internal Communications Program

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In our digitally savvy world, we’re constantly communicating. Whether it’s through email, videos, blogs, newsletters, on the phone or even in person during meetings, communication takes a variety of different forms and styles. Is your communication style giving employees the information they want—and oftentimes need—to hear on a regular basis? For businesses large and small, implementing… Read more »

How Big Data is Driving Big Journalism

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Already in 2014, we’ve seen the launch of several significant new media projects dedicated to exploring the link between big data and news. As PR professionals, we know it is critical to back up our media outreach with as many numbers as possible, but this new branch of journalism is taking that concept a step farther. In many cases, numbers are not just supporting the news – they are driving it.

4 Reasons to Use a Third Party App For Facebook Contests

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In the middle of July, Facebook updated its Facebook Pages Terms and no longer requires page administrators to run Facebook contests, offers and promotions through a third party app. Although it’s a bit easier and more cost effective to run a contest right on a Facebook page, there are many benefits of using a third party app. Here are four reasons why you should use a third party app to run Facebook contests.