• Cheering-Fans

    Every year without fail, the Super Bowl brings together many of the greatest things America has to offer, like football, finger-foods and ridiculously high-profile advertising. Super Bowl 50 is turning out to be no exception. Plan to witness your favorite brands fighting for 30 seconds of your attention to make you laugh, cry (yes we’re talking to you Nationwide) and repeatedly re-watch their ads on YouTube the next day.

    As communication professionals, we deem it a vital (and entertaining!) part of our job to research which Super Bowl commercials will leave a lasting impression during this year’s big game. Below are the top four brands we anticipate will create a splash:

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  • TripAdvisor Reviews on Social Media

    TripAdvisor reviews can be one of the strongest social media tools for hotels, yet most properties don’t capitalize on the never-ending collection of relevant reviews. In many cases, these influential endorsements only live within a hotel's TripAdvisor profile and are rarely promoted across other digital platforms.

    Why tell potential travelers that they should stay with you when your former and repeat guests can do it for you? Here are three impactful reasons why hotel TripAdvisor reviews should be leveraged across social media channels:

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