Randi Winters

Public Relations Intern

As an intern at Identity, Randi works on a wide array of client initiatives and is gaining experience in all areas of Identity’s media relations and social media practice areas, including copywriting and content creation, reporting, research and more.

Randi is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University where she majored in public relations and minored in marketing. Throughout her collegiate career, she gained and demonstrated impressive leadership skills as the founder and president of Removing Every Obstacle (REO), a mental health organization she built in order to start conversations people have in their heads but are too afraid to say out loud. Randi has a background in social media content creation, release writing, public speaking, community outreach, research, and more through her coursework and the promotion of REO.

Outside of work, Randi enjoys making candles, reading, spending time with family and friends, and cooking and enjoying new foods at home and at restaurants. She also enjoys traveling when life isn’t so busy.

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