We believe in offering our clients an unmatched, fresh perspective—it is in our DNA. To do this, we work in a broad range of industry verticals. Our client portfolio diversity has allowed us to connect with media, bloggers and influential decision makers in more than 50 unique industries. You will be hard pressed to find an area that we haven’t worked in. This unique approach feeds our curiosity to learn, while in many cases, allowing us to discover an industry through our clients’ eyes.

Here is a select list of industries and verticals we support on a daily basis:

  • B2B

    We were born out of B2B communications. We deploy the strategies and tactics necessary to promote thought leadership, strengthen client relationships and arm sales teams with powerful tools. Read More
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    Through our expertise, we increase brand and product awareness, craft favorable public perception and maintain positive consumer relationships. Read More
  • Detroit sewer cover thumbnail

    Detroit PR Firm

    We’ve worked with iconic organizations that are a key part of Detroit’s rich history, as well as the companies currently shaping the city’s bright future. Read More
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    Real Estate PR

    Our first industry vertical, Identity has worked with the nation’s most prominent developers, property managers, architects and private equity firms to open commercial, residential, retail and mixed-use real estate projects throughout the United States. Read More
  • Hospitality

    We have delivered results as successful communications counselors for both management companies and developers, as well as a range of large-scale hotel projects involving multiple stakeholders. Read More
  • Professional Services

    Identity has vast experience partnering with a variety of professional services companies, ranging from law firms and accountants to recruiting agencies and business consultants, elevating awareness of their expertise and capabilities. Read More
  • pr drone technology


    From Fortune 100 brands to niche mobile app developers, Identity has worked with technology companies both large and small to tell meaningful stories and position them in front of influential consumer, business-to-business and trade media audiences. Read More
  • Retail and Restaurants

    From developing creative contests and engaging campaigns to introducing franchise concepts in new markets, Identity has worked with a wide range of retail and restaurant brands to supercharge their media relations, marketing, social media and creative efforts. Read More
  • Attractions

    Identity has extensive experience in bringing established concepts to new markets. We work with attractions to help them understand what matters to a local market and how to best tailor their national communications strategies to get consumers in the door. Read More