Integrating Social Media Into the Verizon Wireless Midwest Area Communications Program

Identity conceptualized, developed and now manages a geographic-based social media program on behalf of the Fortune 100 brand.

Our Approach

The Verizon Wireless Midwest Area (MWA) PR team wanted to complement and enhance PR efforts with social media, but needed guidance on building, implementing and measuring an effective program.

At a time when no other area of the Verizon business had implemented a social media program, Identity developed a strategy outlining how MWA PR managers could use social media to build relationships with media, bloggers and customers. This included setting up Twitter profiles, training the PR managers on how to use Twitter, monitoring conversations about Verizon across the MWA and guiding the PR managers on using Twitter to have meaningful conversations that built brand loyalty and awareness.

Additionally, Identity launched the Verizon MWA blog, which initially served as an online hub to share hyperlocal news/events and to amplify media/blogger stories. In 2013, the blog strategy shifted to focus on sharing original stories (from the PR team, media/bloggers and customers) about how technology enhances and improves our lives. Aside from Verizon’s News Center (which launched a few years after the MWA blog), the MWA was the first, and is the only, area-specific PR team that manages a robust blog with 100% original stories.

During the course of five years, Verizon MWA and HQ leadership have recognized our MWA social program as a shining example of how social media can enhance PR efforts. Social media and the blog have allowed the Verizon MWA PR team to build meaningful relationships with customers, media and bloggers. Our program has produced countless situations where the PR team’s efforts have turned dissatisfied customers into happy customers. As a direct result of relationship building through social, many bloggers who received the opportunity to demo devices purchased those devices due to their great experience with Verizon products and its network.

Identity now serves as the social media director for the entire MWA, which has broadened to include developing strategies and executing various digital campaigns (including promoted tweet campaigns, influencer campaigns, an ongoing Google Hangout series, social contests/giveaways and sweepstakes, etc.) and serving as the editorial director of the MWA blog.

What We Did

Identity deployed the following strategies and tactics in order to achieve success:

  • Social Media

    • Strategy Development
    • Content Development
    • Editorial Planning
    • Measurement and Analytics


  • 175Kblog pageviews generated
  • 1,700 blog posts published
  • 2 industry awards in Best Company Blog category
  • 200+guest blog posts written by media, bloggers and Verizon customers