How Identity helped the physical therapy practice share engaging and inspiring client success stories with their social media audience.

Our Approach

The Recovery Project is a unique physical therapy practice that provides people with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders and other conditions with rehabilitation to produce hope and life-changing results.

Although The Recovery Project team was already leveraging Identity’s media relations and marketing expertise to share their inspiring story and mission, something was missing. The motivational physical therapy practice wanted to take their social media community to the next level on Facebook. With a goal of educating The Recovery Project’s social media audience about how and why the company is unique compared to other local rehabilitation centers, Identity developed and executed a comprehensive social media program to capture and highlight the moving and remarkable stories of The Recovery Project’s clients.

To uncover the motivating client success stories, Identity held a social media and marketing in-service in January 2016 with employees at The Recovery Project’s Livonia and Macomb Township clinics. The purpose of the in-service was to encourage employees to send photos, videos and stories about their clients to Identity for use on the company’s Facebook page. The Recovery Project’s employees immediately became involved in the plan, sending an influx of relevant, motivational, client-related content to Identity for us to amplify on their Facebook page.

The Recovery Project wanted to increase Facebook Likes by 19% by the end of 2015. Within three months, Identity exceeded their expectations by achieving a 42% growth of their Facebook community. In addition to the exceptional growth, Identity increased Facebook engagements by 10,818%, and increased Facebook impressions by 7,439%. The new social media fan base and large increase in engagements and impressions were attributed to sharing engaging and inspiring client success stories, both in copy form and through photos and videos.

The Recovery Project’s website referral traffic also benefitted from Identity’s social media program. The motivational and engaging social media content increased the physical therapy clinic’s Facebook referral traffic to their website by 200% year over year.

Additionally, Identity launched The Recovery Project’s News Center on their website, which serves as a content hub for the company’s major news announcements and a way to drive more traffic to the website. Within the first 60 days, 17% of total website traffic was driven from content on the News Center.

What We Did

Identity deployed the following strategies and tactics in order to achieve success:

  • Social Media

    • Social Media Strategy
    • Content Development
    • Community Management
    • Social Media Training
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • News Center Development and Management
    • Employee In-Service Program


  • 1,765new fans
  • 425,362social media impressions
  • 11,281social media engagements