Pinkerton launches groundbreaking new service for businesses

Identity helps iconic American brand successfully launch new report that assesses and illustrates corporate risk across the globe

Our Approach

Pinkerton, a global provider of corporate risk management services, sought a way to illustrate risk across the globe to clients. So the company undertook extensive research to create the Pinkerton Risk Index Report, a revolutionary tool to help business leaders worldwide identify where, how and to what degree risk exists in every country. When the report was officially ready to unveil to the world, Pinkerton looked to Identity to help create a bulletproof strategy that would generate maximum visibility for the report and its findings.

Pinkerton first wanted to share the report internally with employees at the company’s annual meeting, so Identity created a brief one-pager for the event. The one-pager gave employees a high-level overview of the methodology behind the report, its findings, and how it can be leveraged with clients moving forward.

After the internal rollout, the focus turned toward ensuring that all necessary resources were in place for a public rollout. Pinkerton looked to Identity to find a creative way to showcase the report’s findings online. Identity connected Pinkerton with another client that creates interactive dashboard solutions for businesses. They helped Pinkerton make a world map dashboard that allows users to see where risk is most prevalent around the world, and also drill down into specific countries and the types of risk most prominent in those countries.

Simultaneously, Identity drafted a press release announcing the launch of the report and began building extensive media lists. Identity’s creative design department also produced a more stylized, branded design for the official report that would be available for download on the website and also go out to members of the media with the press release.

The Pinkerton Risk Index Report was officially launched in on July 12, 2016. Ahead of its release, Identity secured an exclusive interview opportunity with Reuters, with the subsequent article also publishing on CNBC. In all, nearly a dozen publications around the world ran the story about Pinkerton’s sophisticated new business tool, and Identity played an integral part in helping to maximize exposure for Pinkerton and the report.

What We Did

Identity deployed the following strategies and tactics in order to achieve success:

  • Media Relations & Marketing

    • Campaign Development
    • Media Relations
    • Key Message Development
    • Internal Communications
  • Creative

    • Marketing Collateral Design
    • Creative Copywriting


  • 1exclusive story with Reuters
  • 11stories total
  • 20M+readers reached