Illuminating major new audiences with Light Guide Systems

Leveraging a major company announcement and partnership to generate big media for Light Guide Systems

Our Approach

When Light Guide Systems (LGS), an augmented reality technology that is transforming manual assembly and manufacturing processes for companies worldwide, partnered with HP Inc., to launch an innovative, portable and revolutionary blended reality tech tool—Light Guide Systems Pro—Identity seized the chance to take the news to market on a prominent regional and national stage.

Prior to the announcement, LGS’ media relations program focused primarily on thought leadership articles in national trade publications across industry verticals such as automotive and medical. The HP partnership provided a compelling new opportunity to bring the story to a broader audience. Identity developed a multi-pronged outreach strategy that included working closely with the global HP team to craft the announcement, educate the public, and produce a short film to showcase the technology and its vast applications.

Identity secured an in-depth interview for LGS creator Paul Ryznar with the Detroit Free Press, which was picked up by prominent national publications including Bloomberg News, and secured an in-studio broadcast segment featuring a live demonstration of LGS Pro on WXYZ-TV. The joint press release with HP generated high-profile media coverage in publications ranging from Manufacturing Engineering and DBusiness Magazine to CNN Money, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Software Industry Today and many others, reaching an audience of more than 141 million potential readers.

At the same time, the team planned, wrote, coordinated day-of filming and produced a high-end marketing video demonstrating LGS Pro’s real world applications in a variety of settings, from pharmaceutical pill counting and circuit board assembly to surgical part-kitting and secure office reception. The video debuted via an informational webinar to HP’s national team of major distributors. Additionally, the team conducted a professional photo shoot to create and curate an all-new collection of high-end imagery for use in the media and marketing materials.

By uniting a variety of dynamic multi-media materials alongside critical media outreach and public relations tactics, Identity was able to elevate the profile of Light Guide Systems, and showcase the company’s growing prominence as a leader in the new industrial revolution

What We Did

  • Media Relations & Marketing

    • Media Relations
    • Video Creation
    • Marketing
    • Core Message Development
    • Photo Shoot Coordination


  • 20+ news articles and features in digital, print and broadcast TV media outlets
  • 141M+ impressions generated in local, regional and national media markets
  • 1professionally produced marketing video
  • 115image collection of high-end LGS Pro still photos