Uniting tradition and vision to set the new standard at Detroit Country Day School

Elevating and protecting the Detroit Country Day School brand through the creation of an extensive Brand Standards Guide

Our Approach

With more than a hundred years in the business of providing a well-rounded liberal arts education for the scholar, athlete and artist, Detroit Country Day School’s branding and marketing materials needed clarity and a refresh. Outdated logos and unclear usage parameters were causing confusion and mixed marketing messages across departments, facilities, apparel and campuses.

By working with a small committee of DCDS decision-makers, Identity began the process of creating a standard guide to clarify, contain and protect Detroit Country Day School’s brand identity. We began by taking stock of all the instances of logos, colors, mascots, typography and materials currently in use. The team worked to review, curate, retire old logos, and in some cases create new brand elements over the course of several months, with the goal of narrowing the scope of marks used to promote the school.
Not only did we identify and reign in elements that were used haphazardly by the school community, but we determined clear parameters for their use and established an approval process and procedure to update, purchase and use the materials in new facilities, equipment, apparel and uniforms, marketing materials and more. For the first time in the school’s history, a library of high-res files—and guidelines for their use—was made available to the school community.

Today, DCDS competes with academic institutions across the nation and around the globe, which makes it increasingly important to express a single, compelling voice in everything the school does. The totality of the logo, visuals, and words used to describe the institution in the new brand standards guide will establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within the DCDS community and beyond.

What We Did

Identity deployed the following strategies and tactics in order to achieve success:

  • Media Relations & Marketing

    • Brand Strategy
    • Marketing
    • Core Message Development
    • Internal Communications
  • Creative

    • Brand Strategy
    • Logo Development
    • Internal Communications Design


  • 27updated or newly designed logos, marks and mascot files in approved colors
  • 21page Brand Standards Guide illustrates materials, usage and process for DCDS brand elements
  • 1comprehensive library of marks, logos and files