Podcast Interview

Podcast Prep: Deliver a Stellar Interview with These 3 Steps

By: Erin Robinson

Podcasts are officially the media format du jour. “Traditional” media outlets, if there is such a thing today, are launching them left and right. Reporters, celebrities and even successful business people are hosting their own as pet projects, passion projects and lucrative side hustles. And consumers can’t get enough.

According to Edison’s Podcast Consumer 2017 report, monthly listeners grew year-over-year from 21% to 24% from 2016 to 2017. An article from WIRED indicates that advertising spending on podcasts hit $220 million in 2017.

It’s no surprise that our clients want IN on the action. We educate our clients early and often that a podcast interview is very different from a traditional broadcast interview opportunity, such as TV and radio. The primary reason for this is length. Podcast episodes are 15, 30 and even 45+ minutes long. A stark contrast to a 90-second radio interview or 3-minute TV segment. That much air time means content and context are required. And a lot of it!

Here are 3 pointers to kill it in your next podcast interview.

  1. And not just to one episode. Buckle in for several to get a true sense of the host’s style, tone, questions asked and what the guest is doing well (or not so well). Is the host funny and lighthearted? Or drilling guests with difficult questions? This will also give you a better understanding of logistics, like average episode duration and format of guest introduction.
  2. Know your facts, data and numbers. While many podcasts are recorded interviews, the discussion should still be treated as if it’s live. The producers will probably only do light editing, so well thought out responses with meaty information are key. If the subject matter is in any way technical or stat driven, have that information handy. There isn’t an opportunity to jot something down and circle back to the host. Think through the potential head scratchers and be prepared to answer them. It’s better to have more ammo than not enough.
  3. Avoid distractions. You’re busy and 30+ minutes is a long time in the middle of a workday. But a distracted podcast guest is a bad podcast guest. Shut off your phone, close your laptop and get behind closed doors. If you can, wear headphones. Truly engage with the host. This is a conversation and you need to carry your weight to make it an interesting listen for consumers.

These may seem like basic concepts that are true for every interview opportunity (and they are!), but these tips will result in a solid podcast opportunity that can—and should—become a long-term marketing tool.

What’s that? You want an example of an Identity client in action? No problem!

Matt Rossetti was recently featured on the Beyond the Baseline podcast from Sports Illustrated and the Tennis Channel. Interested in learning more about ROSSETTI’s role in transforming the USTA National Tennis Center and, most recently, the newly debuted Louis Armstrong Stadium? Give the episode a listen.