employee styling program

Why We Created the Identity Employee Personal Styling Experience

By: Andrea Trapani

As a managing partner at Identity, it’s incredibly rewarding to witness the moments where everything clicks, and team members come into their own – whether it’s nailing that big presentation, delivering stellar work on a project or uncovering new strengths.

At the root of these moments is a healthy, cultivated sense of personal confidence.

Being in a people-centric business, we’re always looking for ways to recruit and retain the best talent possible. Having implemented everything from training programs to culture-based opportunities, we want people to look at Identity as a place where individuals can progress. A place that is focused on personal achievement, rewards and results.

“In order to put your best foot forward and give yourself a fighting chance, you have to feel great.”

Since we’re always looking for ways to help our employees become their best selves, confidence and confidence building – especially for younger team members – is an area that we continually strive to work on and improve.

Professional dress and personal appearance is a window to who you are and how you feel about yourself. In order to put your best foot forward and give yourself a fighting chance, you have to feel great.

To that end, I believe everyone needs to have their “superhero cape” – attire that makes them feel confident and comfortable. An expression of themselves that is uniquely theirs.

A Personal Styling Experience for Identity Employees

Taking the idea of a superhero cape and scaling it to our entire personnel, we turned to Nordstrom, who connected us with their personal styling program. Each team member was given a budget based on their level  in the company, and assigned their own personal stylist – who they worked with one-on-one in the store.

Having frequently worked with companies like us, all we had to do was give Nordstrom a sense of Identity’s creative and professional aesthetic. In turn, their stylists ran with it and, working in conjunction with each individual’s style preferences, assembled a customized superhero cape.

The feedback from our team has been fantastic. They understand that it’s not about the clothes, but rather the level of investment from the leadership team in helping them put their best foot forward. With an updated wardrobe, their confidence and ability to perform at an optimal ability is that much greater.

Our junior members had the opportunity to feel more confident in their seat. Our senior members – who are in front of clients more than ever before ­– had the opportunity diversify their professional wardrobe to fit whatever capacity they might be serving in.

But all Identity team members, regardless of level, had the opportunity to better serve as ambassadors to our agency.

Each and every person serves an important role here, and we want to continue giving them the tools to succeed and thrive. Confidence building is an important part of that toolbox, and it all starts with the superhero cape.