Social Media FAQs…NO!

, Posted on Nov 16

A quick list of the 25 most frequently asked questions with respect to social media, to which (all) the answer is a resounding NO:

1 – Will this increase my sales, directly?

2 – Can you (my agency) do this all for me?

3 – Will I see results in 30 days?

4 – Isn’t it all about selling and marketing?

5 – Should I just talk about how great my company and/or new product or service is?

6 – So, what I’m doing is sending out “status updates”?

7 – Can I expect to have thousands of fans for my B2B professional services firm on Facebook?

8 – Should I blindly contact everyone I know (and even those I don’t) and ask them to follow or fan me?

9 – Our website isn’t that great. Can we get started anyway?

10 – Should I ignore negative interaction and delete negative comments on my blog?

11 – Can’t this just replace traditional marketing, advertising and PR? OR: Can this be separate from our public relations efforts and strategy?

12 – Should our CEO be the face of the company and do all the tweeting, blogging, etc.?

13 – Is this easy?

14 – Isn’t it free?

15 – I don’t have time. Is 15 minutes a week enough time to devote to this?

16 – I don’t want to jump bandwagons…isn’t this just a fad?

17 – Aren’t we running a huge risk, putting ourselves out there to the public?

18 – Isn’t it dangerous to let our employees talk about our company online?

19 – Won’t people just say negative things about me in social media?

20 – Can’t I just stay controlled and guarded of my brand by not participating in online conversations?

21 – When you say “social media,” you’re talking about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, right?

22 – Can’t I just tell my employees there is a strict no-social-media policy?

23 – Is blogging once a month or so enough?

24 – Do people really care about what my company or I is doing every few minutes?

25 – Is social media a marketing panacea?