80 Takeaways From The Exploring Social Media Business Summit

, Posted on May 22

I attended the Exploring Social Media Business Summit in Toledo last week. To say it was an extremely valuable conference is an understatement. I was impressed with the speaker lineup from the minute I learned about the conference through Jason Falls’ blog, and I was even more impressed once the speakers delivered their presentations.

I felt like there was a good mix of review/reinforcement of what I already know and am applying in my daily work plus some new ideas that I took back to my team. I also had the chance to meet some Twitter friends in real life, which is always one of the biggest draws of attending a conference where social media enthusiasts converge. Jason, Allen Mireles and their entire team did a fantastic job of putting together this conference, and I hope this turns into an annual event.

Since there are 80 takeaways, I created a document through Scribd versus putting them all in this post. View my takeaways from ESMToledo here, and please share with anyone who you think could benefit from what I documented:

Exploring Social Media Business Summit