Generating More Clicks and Comments

The sophisticated targeting and audience engagement tools made available through social advertising represent some of the best opportunities in the digital space.

With the help of social advertising, companies can go beyond simple social media posts and deliver targeted messages, videos and calls to action, to the millions of consumers actively using social networks. Each network is different and has their own tools, features and best practices based on their technology and user base.

When working with Identity, companies can have confidence in their social media advertising programs and understand how it connects to their broader social media program. We strategically deploy ads that amplify important messages, providing an added impact to the daily cadence of posts that drive conversations.

Whether your goal is to grow your following, increase conversations or generate new contacts interested in your business, Identity can help you navigate these complex opportunities and understand why social advertising matters to your organization.

What we do to leverage social advertising:

  • Social advertising budget and program development
  • Copywriting and design
  • A/B testing
  • Remarketing and conversion optimization
  • Social media advertising measurement and analysis