Connected Employees have the power

According to recent LinkedIn statistics, employees receive 2x the number of clicks on the same piece of content compared to company pages. They also have 10x the number of connections than their employers have followers. The problem? We often teach employees how to navigate new technology, set up their voicemail boxes and use new printers. However, we rarely, if ever, show them how to share positive company news with their professional networks.

Identity’s employee advocacy programs help companies communicate their social media goals and objectives to employees throughout organization, enhance the aptitude of team members participating in the program, make the sharing and posting of company content easy and measureable and provide a measure of accountability for all team members involved. The objective is to ensure that company news, blog posts and stories are shared by everyone.

By engaging in an employee advocacy program, we provide the tools, education, direction and content to help marketers and sales teams leverage their personal and business connections while supporting your company’s broader communications efforts.

What we do to support employee advocacy:

  • Social media training and education sessions
  • Technology implementation
  • Content management and distribution
  • Measurement of employee participation
  • Gamification and incentive creation
  • Technology recommendation an implementation