Keeping up with the Social Media Chatter

Identity has invested in some of the best social listening and brand monitoring technology available – well beyond alerts and notifications – to provide you with meaningful insight into what is happening in the digital landscape as it relates to your company.

We have the ability to review historical conversations, identify relevant topics and discussion points and provide you with strong intelligence of what the world is saying about your company, your products, your people and what matters most.

Additionally, we will provide real-time support during product launches, major company milestones and crisis situations. By combining the best technology with experienced professionals, we can paint a clear picture about what is and what is not being said.

What we do to listen effectively:

  • Digital conversation analysis
  • Historical reputation analysis
  • Custom topic creation
  • Monitoring dashboard development
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Geolocation monitoring
  • Competitor conversation analysis
  • CEO and executive reputation reports