A Whole That Is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Our approach to integrated PR focuses on designing and deploying coordinated and cohesive communications programs on our clients’ behalf.

The Modern PR Mix leverages earned media coverage, social platforms, owned content and paid opportunities to deliver informative, influential and valuable messages to your audiences through every medium.

When these channels work in concert, the result is a powerful and potent communications strategy that creates real change within your business.

We use the Modern PR Mix to generate awareness for our clients. It’s what we do best, and there is no better partner to help maximize your message.


Businesses have a PR Problem

PR, marketing and communications strategies need to match how consumers and business decision makers consume information in today’s world. The journey of your clients/customers is not linear, and it involves a variety of channels and touch points throughout the buying process.

We know that awareness is just the starting point of a customer or client journey. Based on the goals of our partnership, we can help move your target audiences through a defined system to help you communicate more effectively.

How this can impact you

As communications moves at the speed of light, your company can no longer afford to have a stagnant marketing plan. If you feel like your marketing and communications program is lacking, our modern approach to PR integrates the strategies and platforms you need to elevate your business in front of your audiences. We help build and drive the system to generate awareness, capture new business contacts, nurture relationships and market effectively.

For companies with a sophisticated and robust approach to communications, we layer on to your existing programs by adding resources, technology, reporting, strong relationships and specialized expertise to further separate them from competitors.