When your name appears in the media, people notice.

Securing meaningful, impactful and credible media coverage that allows our clients to tell their stories, differentiate from competitors and share relevant and thought-provoking perspectives is what we do best.

We have unmatched, strong relationships with reporters, editors and other media influencers in local, regional and national markets. The result is that our emails get answered, our phone calls get returned, and your story gets told—and shared—by essential and highly influential media decision-makers.

We have a reputation built on decades of delivering compelling coverage and expert sources from our vast portfolio of companies and professionals worth covering.

From broadcast interviews to national industry trade cover stories, Identity positions our clients as the recognized experts in their industries; providing them with the voice and the platform to communicate their message directly to their target audiences with meaningful credibility, clarity and a heightened level of awareness.

What we do to secure impactful media coverage:

  • Media relations strategy
  • Local, regional and national media coverage
  • Media influencer introduction and relationship creation
  • Press conferences and media events