Expert Counsel When A Crisis Strikes

Today, crisis situations look very different than ever before. In today’s modern interconnected, fast-paced world of media and real-time connectivity, a crisis can impact a company’s reputation at the speed of light across a range of platforms and channels. Whether it is a breakdown of a company process, a challenging personnel issue or an unforeseen catastrophic event, organizations of all sizes must be prepared to manage a crisis scenario.

Moreover, a crisis plan must reflect the speeds and velocity of modern communications. If you’re crisis plan has been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust throughout the year, it probably needs an overhaul.

As an award-winning crisis management firm, we’ve helped our clients navigate these challenging situations every step of the way, from both preparation and planning to managing all necessary aspects during the thick of a crisis. Our team has a wealth of experience helping companies prepare for both the tangible impact on business operations, as well as brand and reputation management considerations. We have experience helping organizations communicate through trying and important times, whether through the megaphone of the media or 1-on-1 with consumers across social networks.

Our powerful and robust technology platforms augment our expertise by allowing us to report digital impact and media reach informing our counsel. We layer on our crisis communications expertise to legal, human resource and internal marketing teams ensuring a coordinated and cohesive effort.

However, our work isn’t done once the crisis is weathered. We develop post-crisis communications plans designed to rebuild trust and reinforce brand position after a trying situation.

What we do to manage crisis situations effectively:

  • Crisis communications process and response planning
  • Personnel crisis training sessions
  • Media management and media statements
  • Counsel, reporting and impact measurement
  • Communications strategy for bankruptcy, leadership transitions and other key moments of truth