Helping Companies Connect, Care and Give.

Developing and nurturing strong ties to a community is often cornerstone to an effective awareness and marketing program. Whether it be through a comprehensive and visible corporate giving program or engagement with local government, these efforts can create closer ties with the general public.

Whether you are looking to build the right relationships, engage in a strategic sponsorship or strengthen your already strong reputation, Identity has deep expertise in working with companies and brands to create meaningful strategies that resonate with community audiences.

We work with our clients to understand their goals, and from there, help them manage and share their community outreach and activism in a way that benefits their brand and is authentic to their company’s vision and values.

What we do to connect you with the local community:

  • Community engagement programing and execution
  • Community relations idea generation
  • Charitable program development and execution
  • Community relationship introduction and cultivation
  • Sponsorship opportunities