Bold messaging for Big Visions

Every year, companies will spend countless hours reviewing their sales, recruiting, products and growth strategies. However, they rarely sit down to discuss the position of their brand. This can lead to a spontaneous moment of clarity: who they are today is not reflected in the content and messaging they are taking to market.

This moment of clarity is often followed by a moment of panic. How do we change what we are saying to better align with where we are, and where we are going, while standing out from the competition?

Identity has nearly 20 years of experience facilitating high level discussions about brand messaging, helping companies peel back the layers and get to the core messaging they need to share with their desired audiences.

We guide owners, executives and leadership teams through an engaging, collaborative process designed to help define who they are in today’s marketplace and elevate that message effectively.

We act as a counselor helping to align often conflicting perspectives on what matters most to a company and the audiences it serves.

What we do to help develop new brand messaging:

  • Facilitation of discovery and brand messaging sessions
  • Key messaging
  • Company narrative development
  • Brand thesaurus creation
  • Rollout strategies and execution