Picture/Video = 1000 Words

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s ever visual communications world, this is especially true today than ever before. Thankfully, technology has made it easy for businesses to access stock photos and rights-free images in an instant.

While companies do have more access to more high-quality images, those photos and images are never 100% accurate. There is also nothing stopping another company, let alone the competition, from using the same stock photo or video.

Whether it is an eye-catching photograph in a social media newsfeed or a library of brand photography on a website, unique and compelling visual assets draw our eye, disrupt the flow, communicate information quickly and capture our attention. We have worked with companies across industries and verticals to help them build a library of images unique to their personality, people, vision and goals. Our team identifies imagery themes, builds the shot lists, manages talent and wardrobe, and provides counsel on final proofs. We’ve worked with all types of companies to manage photography and video shoots, from leatherneck oilfield workers to sharply dressed business owners.

Our creative specialists are highly skilled at working with companies to create unmatched visual assets that complement their communications strategy in a meaningful way.

What we do as photography and multimedia counselors:

  • Custom brand and product photography
  • Creation and management digital photo libraries
  • Custom brand and social video content
  • Photo and video shoot planning, staging and management
  • Content and script creation

To view some our work, please explore our portfolio.