Pepsi Rebrand…Again

, Posted on Oct 28

Pepsi is changing their look…again. It seems like Pepsi updates its logo and branding every 10 years or so….while Coca-Cola stays relatively consistent (unchanged, even). In my analysis, Pepsi is playing the part of second-fiddler quite aptly, always looking like the company trying to catch up to the leader of the pack…and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

I’m not saying that the new look isn’t cool…or that it isn’t progressive. In fact, it is. For today. But will this new progressive look be relevant in 10 years, or will it need updating again? Logos do evolve over time…no doubt about it. But Pepsi appears to make this a purposeful goal. Contrast this with stalwart brands such as GM, General Electric or Ford. You don’t see much variance there…their logos today look almost identical to their original logos. There’s something to be said for “standing the test of time,” and your brand can play its part in conveying exactly that.

What do you think? Is Pepsi overdoing it, or are they on to something?

Here’s Coke’s logo: Look familiar? It should. Hasn’t changed much.