Identity New in Two – Tips For Improving Internal Communications

, Posted on Oct 31

Photo courtesy of splorp on Flickr.

Our latest New in Two video focuses on internal communications platforms. Every organization is communicating with its employees in one form or another. Whether those communications are part of a larger, strategic program or simply water cooler gossip is the real question.

Unfortunately, internal communications is often viewed as an afterthought when preparing a holistic communications strategy. As a result, employees are left to form their own judgments regarding the direction and performance of their organization. Additionally, many internal communications programs can quickly fall through the cracks and be abandoned in favor of other business activities.

It’s very likely that we all know at least one company that started an internal newsletter only to see it collect dust on a shelf in just a few short months. In reality, internal communications should be approached similar to any media relations or social media program. Effective programs require sufficient resources, engaging content and dedication.

In this video, Identity’s Erin Sabo shares her thoughts on three internal communications platforms and offers insight into how companies can best leverage these opportunities.


Photo courtesy of splorp on Flickr.