And broadcast is shrinking to boot…

, Posted on Apr 13

In the recent past, there has been an awful lot of talk about the many casualties of the print media evolution, but what about broadcast media? Broadcast media, unfortunately, is shrinking as well. This sneaking suspicion was confirmed by the recent partnership formed between Channels 2 & 7. WXYZ and WJBK will share content, and the same goes for stations in Phoenix and Tampa.

Sure, this is great news for the owners and operators of the two television stations, who will certainly save both money and resources as a result of the partnership. This sharing of resources is pretty terrible news, however, for those of us who are bidding for TV coverage. The dreaded phrase “we don’t have a crew available” will become even more common. It has never been an easy task to get one of Detroit’s three major television stations to cover one of the hundreds of stories taking place in the city everyday – imagine the news battle that will ensue now that crews will only be available from two stations. Ugh.

The silver lining? The stations will operate independently in all other ways, including how they gather news stories.

It seems this media evolution (or should I say revolution?) cannot be stopped. It may finally be time to end the resistance and join the rebellion…Viva la Revolucion!